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Cuts of Beef Explained

7 months ago


Calories 282-324/100g

Protein 24-27g/100g

Fat 14-25g/100g


The loin, also called rump, is made up of 5 different parts: the short loin, the sirloin (subdivided into the top sirloin and the bottom sirloin) and the tenderloin. The loin yields the most tender, the leanest and also the most expensive cuts of beef. The portion of choice is the tenderloin, which is exquisitely tender and lean. The top loin and sirloin aren't as tender, but they have more flavour.

1. Short Loin

The short loin is where the most desirable cuts of meat are located. These include T-bone steaks, as well as the strip loin.

The beef short loin is only about 16 to 18 inches long. It will yield between 11 and 14 steaks, depending on thickness.

Dry-heat cooking is best for the tender cuts from the short loin

2. Sirloin

The full sirloin is itself subdivided into

  • the top sirloin (Rump Cap) and

  • the bottom sirloin.

The top sirloin (or rump cap) is generally made into steaks that are good for grilling. Since the sirloin is closer to the rear leg of the animal, the muscles get a bit tougher. It is still a first-class steak if cut (our job!) and cooked properly (your job!).

The bottom sirloin is good for roasting and barbecuing. It is sometimes made into mince beef or can be cut into strips and used in stir-fry or beef stroganoff.

3. Tenderloin, or Fillet

beef tenderloin, or fillet, is cut from the loin. As the name suggests, the tenderloin is the most tender cut of beef (together with the rib), as it is the furthest from the hoof and horn.

As the trend has moved towards healthy eating and leaner foods, the fillet's popularity has increased. It is arguably the most desirable and therefore the most expensive cut of beef. But rest assured that you will always buy meat at the most competitive prices from O'Mahony Meats! Check out our Facebook page or sign up for our weekly texting to avail of our special deals.

Respect this most tender and lean cut! The fillet should only be cooked using dry-heat methods, such as grilling. It needs to be grilled quickly and on high heat.

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