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Cuts of Beef Explained

4 months ago


Calories 192/100g

Protein 28g/100g

Fat 8g/100g

The flank is located below the loin. It has no bones and is full of flavour but also quite tough. However many chefs consider it one of the tastiest cuts.

It used to be a cheap cut, but this is now changing. Flank steaks (also called Bavette steaks) are known for being lean. As more and more people want to eat leaner meat, the popularity and therefore the price of flank steaks have increased. You can still find this cut priced very reasonably in our Factory Shop: Currently on sale for €7.99/kg.

Flank steaks are best when marinated and grilled or sliced thin and stir-fried.
You can also cook it like they do in France – if you have the stomach for it! Pan-fry your Bavette steak for just a few minutes on either side so as to leave the centre “bleu” (raw). The stringy nature of this cut becomes hard if cooked too long.

Check out our Recipes for ideas on how to cook Bavette steaks.

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